Article of Formation

MAY 9 2O21



My name is JAKE CANO and I am the founder of Gregoria Group. For the last decade, I defined luxury as “That one perfect thing, not twenty lesser versions of it.” It was my guiding principle for every project, and it evolved into this niche of elevated design.

Today I celebrate the launch of a new brand named after my late grandmother, Maria Gregoria Gallardo Cano. 


She was a brilliant business woman, an immigrant, and the only living grandparent I ever knew. Her unfathomable sacrifices of raising eight children in the Hacienda Heights district of El Paso, Texas have paved this moment of my independence. I do not take this opportunity of pursuing my piece of the American dream lightly.
Her legacy will be immortalized in my brand, and act as a constant reminder of how hardships can’t and won’t ever stop us.
I want to dedicate this particular day to my parents who supported me in the formation of this brand. There is not enough space on any platform to articulate how much I appreciate their tough love and selflessness. My happiness was always their life’s purpose and I am so happy they get to witness the launch of The House of Gregoria.
This organization was formed during the darkest days of the pandemic, but I suppose we have an unspoken family tradition of building beautiful things over darkness. Our story began two weeks after my birth, when they exited the doors of the adoption agency. I obviously have no recollection, but the next stop was Hacienda Heights to visit my grandmother, at the original House of Gregoria.
It’s unfortunate that she will never get to see her name in my logo and interact with the brand founded on her legacy. I do find some solace in the fact that she didn’t have to experience the pandemic.